Security and Privacy Group

The research vision of the Security and Privacy Group at COMSYS is the analysis, design, and evaluation of secure and privacy-preserving communication systems.

To realize this vision, we most notably craft novel security and privacy architectures, paradigms, and mechanisms as well as improve upon existing approaches to security and privacy. We consider all types of systems and networks, e.g. ranging from highly resource-constrained IoT networks to distributed (peer-to-peer) applications and networks and large-scale Cloud deployments.

Our used and developed technologies range from soft privacy solutions such as semantic annotations and behavioral nudges to applied cryptography for strong and provable security and privacy guarantees.

The close cooperation with the other research groups at COMSYS allows us to work closely with domain experts from various types of communication systems.

Currently, we pursue this research vision by tackling the following research topics:

  1. Network Security for the IP-based Internet of Things
    • Secure end-to-end communication of highly resource-constrained devices
    • Delegation of security tasks to less resource-constrained gateways
  2. Security and Privacy in Cloud-based Systems
    • Alternatives to traditional cloud computing
    • Awareness of the usage of cloud services
    • Cloud operations that respect data handling requirements
    • Scalable and secure infrastructures for cloud operations
    • Secure and privacy-preserving outsourcing of sensitive data to the cloud
  3. Privacy Enhancing Techniques (PETs)
    • Quantitative modelling of privacy protection and risk (e.g., Differential Privacy)
    • Secure Two-Party and Multi-Party Computation in mobile scenarios (e.g., Privacy-preserving Indoor Localization)
    • Privacy in distributed scenarios (e.g., Participatory Sensing)
    • Reconciling PETs and user perception of privacy (e.g., empirical user studies)


Current Projects

  • CONNECT: Innovative Smart Components, Modules and Appliances for a Truly Connected, Efficient and Secure Smart Grid (ECSEL Joint Undertaking, 2017-2020)
  • CONSENT: Conformance-driven and Auto-configured Security for Home and Industrial Networks (NERD.NRW, 2018-2021)
  • IMPactDigital: Innovative Measures to Personalize the Introduction to Higher Education via Digitalization (BMBF, 2019)
  • IoP: Internet of Prodution for enabling a new level of cross-domain collaboration for production (DFG EXC, 2019-2025+).

Selected Past Projects

  • IPACS: Intelligent Privacy-aware Cloud-based Services (DFG EI, 2013-2016)
  • Mobile ACcess: Mobility and City-wide Communication Environment for Secure Internet Services (IKT.NRW, 2009-2012)
  • myneData: Self-determined Utilization of Personal Data with Inherent Protection of Privacy and Data (BMBF, 2016-2019)
  • PREserv: Privacy Enhanced Sensing, Encoding, Relaying & Visualization (IKT.NRW, 2013-2016)
  • SensorCloud: Trustworthy Management and Analysis of Sensor Data in a Cloud Infrastructure (BMWi, 2012-2014)
  • SSICLOPS: Scalable and Secure Infrastructures for Cloud Operations (EU H2020, 2015-2017)
  • TRINICS: Transparent Information on the Individual Usage of Cloud Services (BMBF, 2016-2018)


Markus Dahlmanns, M.Sc. Markus Dahlmanns, M.Sc.
+49 241 80-21425

    Ina Berenice Fink, M.Sc. Ina Berenice Fink, M.Sc.
    +49 241 80-21419

      Jens Hiller, M.Sc. Jens Hiller, M.Sc.
      +49 241 80-21426

        Roman Matzutt, M.Sc. Roman Matzutt, M.Sc.
        +49 241 80-21412

          Jan Pennekamp, M.Sc. Jan Pennekamp, M.Sc.
          +49 241 80-21411

              Available Theses

              The Security and Privacy Group typically has thesis topics available for motivated and talented students. An excerpt of available theses can be seen from inside the RWTH University network. If you have specific interests, you may contact any group member individually.

              Selected Recent Publications

              In Proceedings of the 27th IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP '19), October 7-10, 2019, Chicago, IL, USA
              Publisher: IEEE,
              October 2019
              ISBN: 978-1-7281-2700-2
              Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Financial Cryptography and Data Security (FC), Nieuwpoort, Curaçao
              Publisher: Springer,
              February 2018
              Proceedings of the 7th ACM Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy (CODASPY 2017), Scottsdale, AZ, USA, page 83-94.
              Publisher: ACM,
              March 2017
              ISBN: 978-1-4503-4523-1
              Proceedings of the 15th Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society (WPES), co-located with the 23rd ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS), Vienna, Austria, page 99-110.
              Publisher: ACM,
              October 2016
              ISBN: 978-1-4503-4569-9
              Andriy Panchenko, Fabian Lanze, Andreas Zinnen, Martin Henze, Jan Pennekamp, Klaus Wehrle and Thomas Engel
              Proceedings of the 23rd Annual Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS '16), February 21-24, 2016, San Diego, CA, USA
              Publisher: Internet Society,
              February 2016
              ISBN: 1-891562-41-X
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