The aim of myneData is to provide a data cockpit in which users are able to decide on the transfer and utilization of sensitive data. Users are also able to formulate individual preferences for privacy protection. The cockpit provides information and assessments on personal privacy risks to accomplish a certain sensitization for that topic. If personal data is used for commercial purposes, users will be compensated for (partially) disclosing their data by receiving micropayments.

The aim of the project myneDATA is to create a personal data cockpit. Thus users should be able to decide on the transfer and utilization of their sensitive data and to formulate individual privacy preferences to protect this data accordingly. Users can collect and organize sensitive data in their personal data cockpit and they can offer data electively to prospects. The secure storage and the selective transmission of data is technically enabled by the use of advanced anonymization processes such as differential privacy. However, the data anonymization will be handled transparently by the data cockpit. The data cockpit will provide an intuitive interface for the user, which she can use to easily determine exactly who has access to which data. The cockpit also provides users with information and assessments on personal privacy risks to accomplish a certain sensitization for that topic. Based on their privacy settings, users will receive micropayments, i.e., fine-granular monetary compensation, in exchange for their data.

myneData, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, is a joined project of 8 executive project partners under the direction of Dialego AG. The project runs from 2016 to 2019.

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  For questions and inquiries regarding the myneData project, please contact:

  Roman Matzutt
  Security and Privacy

  E-Mail: matzutt[at]

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