Welcome to the Chair of Communication and Distributed Systems at RWTH Aachen University. The Chair, headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Wehrle and Emeritus Prof. Dr. Otto Spaniol, conducts research in diverse areas related to computer networks and distributed systems:

  • Mobile and Wireless Networks
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Network and System Reliability and Security
  • Massively Distributed Systems
  • Performance Evaluation and Hybrid Evaluation Platforms
  • Cross-Layer Techniques & Platforms

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Temporary Policy Adaptions Due to Current Coronavirus Outbreak

Dear Students,

despite the current coronavirus outbreak all over the world, COMSYS still supervises ongoing and future theses, seminars, and preseminars. Most staff is currently working from home (presumably until end of next March following the home office guidelines issued by RWTH). Lectures continue to be held online, and note that strict hygiene requirements hold for written exams according to university-wide policy. We have established special, individual treatment for oral exams and thesis talks, so please read those if you plan to have an oral exam or give a thesis talk soon.

If you are interested in writing a thesis with us, you can find open topics on our available theses page (accessible via eduroam or the RWTH VPN). However, we are currently experiencing an increased pro-active interest in our topics, i.e., we recommend that you contact your (potential) advisor directly via email and ask for availble theses that are not advertised on our homepage.

Please note that the E3 building in which our chair is located remains closed to the public for the time being. In special circumstances, you can however work at the chair again during your thesis. Please contact your (potential) advisor for details.

Latest News


Eric Wagner Wins Prix d'Excellence 2020, Awarded by Foundation de Luxembourg

On Saturday, Eric Wagner was awarded the Prix d'Excellence 2020 of the Foundation de Luxembourg for his master's thesis he conducted at COMSYS and which was being co-supervised by the b-tu Cottbus-Senftenberg. With this award, the Foundation de Luxembourg and its partners Vinci Association and ANEIL reward top students of different fields in engineering since 2012. This year, the foundation...[more]


Jan Pennekamp talks about Remote Workshops

Jan Pennekamp was recently interviewed to express his take on remote workshops that he experienced at first hand as part of his presenations at IEEE BIoTCPS 2020 and IEEE CPS-Sec 2020. In his opinion, remote conferences can help to integrate such usually time consuming activities (usually these events take several days and require several hours of journey time) into otherwise busy calenders....[more]


Ina Fink awarded Women’s STEM Award 2020 for best international thesis

Ina Fink, former COMSYS student and now researcher, was awarded the Women’s STEM Award 2020 for her master's thesis. The award is presented by audimax MEDIEN GmbH and Deutsche Telekom AG and funds 3000 Euro for the best international thesis, addressing female STEM students and graduates from all over the world. Ina’s thesis with the title „Advanced In-Network Security for Smart Devices“ was...[more]


Sebastian Reuter and Mirko Stoffers awarded KuVS prize for best theses!

Sebastian Reuter and Mirko Stoffers were awarded the KuVS prize for the best theses in the area of Communication and Distributed Systems in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in 2019. Sebastian was awarded for his Bachelor Thesis "Path Splitting for Tor – A Countermeasure against Fingerprinting Attacks". The thesis was advised by Jens Hiller and Jan Pennekamp. It analyzes various...[more]

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