Organizational aspects: learning agreement, remote exams

Changes to your learning agreement

In case you would like to change your Learning Agreement:

  • First make sure that you can attend the newly selected courses.
  • Next, talk with your home university if the new courses can be accepted in your learning agreement. Clarify with your home university in advance which deadlines hold for a change.
  • Finally, contact us to set up a Learning Agreement change.


Remote Exams

In case you have to write an exam at your home university while staying in Aachen, we can arrange a remote exam. In short: we are receiving a copy of your exam sheets, and you do the exam under our supervision at the same time as your exam at your home university takes place. Contact us early to fix such dates, and clarify with your home university whether they agree to do such a remote exam.
The same holds in the opposite direction: If you have to attend an exam here but you go back to your home university before, you might be allowed to write the exam at your home university. But, the teacher of the course has to agree to this procedure, and you have to find a person at your home university who supervises you while you are writing the exam. Again, contact us early if you want to make use of this option.

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