Application and Organization

International Office

Responsible for all of administrative aspects of your time at RWTH Aachen is our International Office. Note that the Exchange Student Advisory Service of the Department of Computer Science is only responsible for the academic aspects of your stay here.

The International Office web pages offer a lot of useful information for your stay at RWTH Aachen, for example information on the application process, on how to plan your stay and tips about housing.

If you need any help or have questions left on these topics, you can contact the International Office here.


Exchange Student Advisory Service - Department of Computer Science

The Exchange Student Advisory Service helps you to organize the academic part of your stay. We might advise you in case you think about applying at RWTH Aachen University, and we can assist you in setting up a learning agreement. During your stay in Aachen we will be available to help you with all questions regarding your studies.

Basically, there are two systems at your disposal all the time: RWTHonline offers you an overview on courses, including descriptions, schedules and exam dates. you have to use the tool to register for courses. The second system is L2P/RWTHmoodle which is a learning room platform and is used to organize most courses. With this system you get access to learning materials, e-mail lists etc.

Because the systems are hard to use, especially if you are not speaking German, our web pages support you in using them. For information on how to plan your courses, see section Selecting Courses. For information on access to courses and exams, see section Course Registration. For information on how to get your Transcript of Records, see section Transcript of Records.

If you have question on other aspects, like changing your learning agreement or non-fitting exam dates, see section Organization. In case you have questions left, contact us.

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