Thesis Process

On their way to the final written report of their thesis – typically comprising of chapters on background information, related work, design decisions, implementation work, and conducted evaluation – thesis students pass through the events and phases depicted by the figure and described in detail below.
Please note that the initial talk is a mandatory requirement for the official registration of your thesis as we believe in the benefits of active discussion on current research.

Master students: If you enrolled from October 1, 2020, remember that completing the online course "Scientific Integrity" is a prerequisite for admission to the Master's thesis!

Preparation phase

  • Familiarize with your topic: Read initial literature, become aware of the state-of-the art, and gather related work
  • Set up infrastructure and get to know the necessary tools
  • Identify possible problems and evolve ideas to tackle them

Initial talk

  • Present the problem and outline solutions at COMSYS
  • Obtain feedback and hints for further thesis process


  • Design of communication protocols, measurement or crawling frameworks, and implementation strategies

Implementation and Evaluation

  • Implement protocols, frameworks, etc.
  • Evaluate implementation and/or crawled data
  • Leverage information from the evaluation to improve your implementation


  • Present your thesis work in written format

Final talk (Colloquium)

  • Defend your results and methodology in a talk at COMSYS
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