Comment on Internships

If you want to apply for an Internship in the Computer Science Department of RWTH Aachen University, please note: internships do not belong to our courses of study, thus there is no general support from our side, and there are no frequent offerings of internship positions.

If you want to do an internship, you have to find a position by yourself. You can have a look to our list of research groups to identify general topical areas you might be interested in. Study the web pages of the interesting research groups to identify professors or PhD students who work on concrete topics you find most interesting, and contact them to ask if an internship could be arranged.

Only if you can prove a statement of a professor and/or PhD student that you will get offered an internship position, we can accept your application.

More details (e.g. documents you should provide and registration information) is available on the web pages of our International Office.

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