Course and Exam Registration

Exchange students are not enrolled to a specific study program at RWTH Aachen University. On one hand, this gives you freedom to choose a mix of courses from Bachelor- and Master study programs and from different faculties – but on the other hand you cannot make use of all tools and registration procedures. Thus, we sometimes have to do some workarounds, which are described here.

Access to courses

With your student number (Matrikelnummer) you can log in into CampusOffice (access via left side menu in Campus). CampusOffice is the students’ view to Campus. You can browse course lists offered in a semester, or search for courses. When accessing the page of a course in CampusOffice, you can add course dates to your calendar to have a weekly course schedule available. Note that adding dates to your calendar is not a registration for the course.

To register for a course there are three options, depending on the registration procedure the teacher has configured:

  • If you get shown a link “Zum klassischen Anmeldeverfahren” (classical registration procedure) at the top of a course’s page, then you can register for this course by yourself: Just click on the link and you are registered for the course.
  • If you instead get shown "Zum modularen Anmeldeverfahren" (modular registration procedure), the course is configured using a registration procedure which you cannot use. In this case, contact the teacher (or better: a teaching assistant of the course) and ask how you can register for the course. Typically, they will tell you to just write an e-mail to some specific address, and they will register you manually later on. If the ask you why you do not register with the usual procedures, tell them that you are an exchange student, and that you are not able to register with the usual procedures. Otherwise they might tell you to contact your study advisor to solve your problems.
  • In some cases there is no registration procedure at all. In such cases, the teacher is managing his course on his own web pages. Search the course's page for a link to this web page and search for information on how to register there. If no information is provided at all, again ask the teacher / a teaching assistant for how to register.


The only purpose of your registration is to get access to all course material and to participate in the corresponding exercises. Most course organization is done via L2P – by your registration you are booked in the L2P room assigned to a course. You need a TIM account to get access to this system. such an account you will get automatically when subscribing to studies at our university. In an L2P room you can access slide copies, screen recordings of the lecture, exercise sheets, and submit solutions to exercises, depending on what is available for a course. Also, you will receive course notifications via this L2P room. In some cases, a course does not make use of L2P but has its own web page hosted by the research group who offers the course. This probably will be the courses for which you cannot find registration information on the course's page.

Registration for exams

Note that your registration to a course is only giving you access to all course materials. It is not a registration for the exam – you have to register for the exam separately.

Unfortunately, you are definitely not able to register for exams the same way local students can do: exam registrations are done with the above mentioned modular registration procedures, which exchange students cannot use.

Unfortunately, you are definitely not able to register for exams as all local students can do. Instead, a few weeks after the semester has started, you will get a registration table by e-mail. Fill in all courses you want to register for, and send this filled table back to us. We will register you for the exams you listed in the table. Deadlines for exam registration are the second last Friday in November (winter semester) and the second last Friday in May (summer semester).

Note that exam registration might differ for courses offered by other faculties. Thus, if you want to take such courses, please contact us about this issue soon.

Admission to exams

The teacher can decide on the course organization. For getting admission to the final exam, you might have to solve frequent exercises during the semester, or you might have to participate in a presence exercise or a midterm exam. Details are given during the first lecture of a course.

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