Security and Privacy Lunch

People interested in network security and privacy meet regularly over lunch break and discuss very recent research related to security and privacy from high-quality scientific conferences (IEEE Security and Privacy, ACM CCS, NDSS, NSDI, USENIX Security, ACM SIGCOMM, ...). This is a great way to spend your lunch break and keep pace with cutting edge security and privacy research. Talking about scientific presentations often leads to interesting new ideas, possibly laying the foundation for your future thesis topic.

With most restrictions regarding the pandemic lifted, we return to bi-weekly sessions in our seminar room. Join our mailing list to receive updates.

Organizational Information

  • Contact: Johannes Lohmöller
  • ECTS Credits: none (but you can get a certificate)
  • Audience: Anyone interested in security and privacy
  • Language: English
  • Registration: Please subscribe to our mailing list


  • Discussion Date: Wednesday, 12:30 PM 
  • Place: COMSYS Seminar Room, Room 9007, Building E3
  • Suggestions for videos are very welcome, please contact Johannes Lohmöller

Preliminary Schedule

2023-10-11 Google's View on Fully Homomorphic Encryption
The Path to Real World FHE: Navigating the Ciphertext Space (Shruthi Gorantala @ RWC 2023)
2023-10-25 Measuring the Privacy Impact of Large Language Models
Analyzing Leakage of Personally Identifiable Information in Language Models (Nils Lukas, Ahmed Salem, Robert Sim, Shruti Tople, Lukas Wutschitz, Santiago Zanella-Béguelin @ S&P 2023)
2023-11-08 Studying Telegram's Symmetric Encryption
Four Attacks and a Proof for Telegram (Martin R. Albrecht, Lenka Mareková, Kenneth G. Paterson, Igors Stepanovs @ IEEE S&P 2022)
2023-11-22 Usable Security of TPMs
Usability and Security of Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Library APIs (Siddharth Prakash Rao, Gabriela Limonta, Janne Lindqvist @ SOUPS 2022)
2023-12-06 IPv6 Security
IPvSeeYou: Exploiting Leaked Identifiers in IPv6 for Street-Level Geolocation (Erik Rye, Robert Beverly @ S&P 2023)
IPv6 Hitlists at Scale: Be Careful What You Wish For (Erik Rye, Dave Levin @ SIGCOMM 2023)
2023-12-20 Expert Perspectives on Security Alarms
99% False Positives: A Qualitative Study of SOC Analysts' Perspectives on Security Alarms (Bushra A. Alahmadi, Louise Axon, Ivan Martinovic @ USENIX Security 2022)
2024-01-17 Using ZK Proofs to Fight Disinformation
Using ZK Proofs to Fight Disinformation (Trisha Datta, Dan Boneh @ RWC 2023)
2024-01-31 Cancelled due to COMSYS winter retreat
2024-02-14 IoT against Humanity
MaDIoT 2.0: Modern High-Wattage IoT Botnet Attacks and Defenses (Tohid Shekari, Alvaro A. Cardenas, Raheem Beyah @ USENIX Security 2022)
CamShield: Securing Smart Cameras through Physical Replication and Isolation (Zhiwei Wang, Yihui Yan, Yueli Yan, Huangxun Chen, Zhice Yang @ USENIX Security 2022)
2024-02-28 How Secure is PIN-based Authentication?
Hand Me Your PIN! Inferring ATM PINs of Users Typing with a Covered Hand (Matteo Cardaioli, Stefano Cecconello, Mauro Conti, Simone Milani, Stjepan Picek, Eugen Saraci @ USENIX Security 2022)
"The Same PIN, Just Longer": On the (In)Security of Upgrading PINs from 4 to 6 Digits (Collins W. Munyendo, Philipp Markert, Alexandra Nisenoff, Miles Grant, Elena Korkes, Blase Ur, Adam J. Aviv @ USENIX Security 2022)
2024-03-13 Crucial Aspects for Secure Cloud Storage
Why E2EE Cloud Storage is hard - Challenges, Attacks and Best Practices (Matilda Backendal, Miro Haller, Kenny Paterson @ RWC 2023)
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