Security and Privacy Lunch

People interested in network security and privacy meet regularly over lunch break and discuss very recent research related to security and privacy from high-quality scientific conferences (IEEE Security and Privacy, ACM CCS, NDSS, NSDI, USENIX Security, ACM SIGCOMM, ...). This is a great way to spend your lunch break and keep pace with cutting edge security and privacy research. Talking about scientific presentations often leads to interesting new ideas, possibly laying the foundation for your future thesis topic.

With most restrictions regarding the pandemic lifted, we return to bi-weekly sessions in our seminar room. Join our mailing list to receive updates.

Organizational Information

  • Contact: Johannes Lohmöller
  • ECTS Credits: none (but you can get a certificate)
  • Audience: Anyone interested in security and privacy
  • Language: English
  • Registration: Please subscribe to our mailing list


  • Discussion Date: Wednesday, 12:30pm. 
  • Place: COMSYS Seminar Room, Room 9007, Building E3
  • Suggestions for videos are very welcome, please contact Johannes Lohmöller

Preliminary Schedule

2022-10-19 Why Letting AI do Your Work is not Necessarily a Good Idea
Asleep at the Keyboard? Assessing the Security of GitHub Copilot's Code Contributions (Hammond Pearce, Baleegh Ahmad, Benjamin Tan, Brendan Dolan-Gavitt, Ramesh Karri @ IEEE S&P 2022)
2022-11-02 On the Threat of Social Engineering
Phishing in Organizations: Findings from a Large-Scale and Long-Term Study (Daniele Lain, Kari Kostiainen, Srdjan Capkun @ IEEE S&P 2022)
2022-11-16 Enabling Forensic Analysis for IoT Devices
The Truth Shall Set Thee Free: Enabling Practical Forensic Capabilities in Smart Environments (Leonardo Babun, Amit Kumar Sikder, Abbas Acar, Selcuk Uluagac @ NDSS 2022)
2022-11-30 Privacy regulation compliance and how to break it
Attacks on Deicdentification's Defenses (Aloni Cohen @ USENIX Security 2022)
PrivGuard: Privacy Regulation Compliance Made Easier (Lun Wang, Usmann Khan, Joseph Near, Qi Pang, Jithendaraa Subramanian, Neel Somani, Peng Gao, Andrew Low, Dawn Song @ USENIX Security 2022)
2022-12-14 Exploring the Existence of Novel Threats
Exploring the Unchartered Space of Container Registry Typosquatting (Hyeonmin Lee, Md. Ishtiaq Ashiq, Moritz Müller, Roland van Rijswijk-Deij, Taekyoung "Ted" Kwon, Taejoong Chung @ USENIX Security 2022)
Uninvited Guests: Analyzing the Identity and Behavior of Certificate Transparency Bots (Brian Kondracki, Johnny So, Nick Nikiforakis @ USENIX Security 2022)
2023-01-25 On the Robustness of Client-Side Perceptual Hashing
Adversarial Detection Avoidance Attacks: Evaluating the robustness of perceptual hashing-based client-side scanning (Shubham Jain, Ana-Maria Crețu, Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye @ USENIX Security 2022)
2023-02-08 Some Things on Peer-Reviewing You Don't Want to Be Aware of
"Flawed, but like democracy we don't have a better system": The Experts' Insights on the Peer Review Process of Evaluating Security Papers (Ananta Soneji, Faris Bugra Kokulu, Carlos Rubio-Medrano, Tiffany Bao, Ruoyu Wang, Yan Shoshitaishvili, Adam Doupe @ IEEE S&P 2022)
2023-02-22 No S&P lunch due to COMSYS retreat
2023-03-08 Attacks on Wireless Coexistence
Attacks on Wireless Coexistence (Jiska Classen, Michael Hermann, Francesco Gringoli, Matthias Hollick, other authors @ IEEE S&P 2022)
2023-03-22 Cloud Security
Measuring and Mitigating the Risk of IP Reuse on Public Clouds (Eric Pauley, Ryan Sheatsley, Blaine Hoak, Quinn Burke, Yohan Beugin, Patrick McDaniel @ IEEE S&P 2022)


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