Research Focus Class on Communication Systems SS 2011

In summer semester 2011, we are offering a new type of course for our Master programs: the research focus classes (RFC) which are more interactive lecture/exercise courses in which participants are assigned some hot (research) topic to work on and present/discuss their impressions and results. Such a RFC in future will be offered frequently, and each semester at least one research field will be identified in which a concrete RFC is given.

In summer semester 2011 we want to offer three RFC courses from the fields:

For each of them there exists an own Campus entry which was created only to allow for separate registration procedures for these three different topics - all of them belong to the same module. Please visit the Campus page for the topic you are interested in, and register. During registration you are asked to fill in some information about your preknowledge, capabilities and motivation - please shorty fill in relevant information about yourself because we will select the participants basing on this information.

Note that an RFC course only will be given if there are enough participants. In case of low interest in some topic the corresponding course will not take place.

Registration is open till Monday, 21st February, 15:00h. You will be notified afterwards if you are assigned a place in the RFC. Please note that the courses already will start end of February (even if they belong to summer semester).

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