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01.02.2017 15:35 Age: 4 yrs

COMSYS students Benedikt Wolters and Roman Matzutt awarded at the 2016 Univention thesis awards (Univention Absolventenpreis 2016).

The company located in Bremen annually awards theses that promise an immediate practical impact on the application of open source software in professional environments. In the 2016 edition of the award, two COMSYS students were awarded for their theses: Benedikt Wolters took 2nd place and Roman Matzutt took 3rd place.

Benedikt Wolters took 2nd place and was awarded 1000 Euro for his Bachelor thesis "Distributed Authorization Management for Secure Sensor Data in the Cloud".
In his thesis, which was supervised by Martin Henze and Rene Hummen, Benedikt enables administrators to securely maintain a federation of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) from a single location via an untrusted cloud.
This provides administrators with a convenient and reliable way to keep WSN configurations consistent despite huge geographical distances between them. Roman Matzutt took 3rd place for his Master thesis "Design and Implementation of Secure Decentralized Bitcoin Mixing" and was awarded 500 Euro.
Roman enhanced and implemented the CoinParty protocol which allows Bitcoin users to securely enhance their privacy by providing a secure and distributed mixing service.
Such services unlink the user's cash flows from their identities in Bitcoin's publicly readable transaction ledger, the blockchain.
The thesis was supervised by Henrik Ziegeldorf.
CoinParty was completely developed by COMSYS and the prototype is now available on GitHub. The whole COMSYS team thanks Benedikt and Roman for their great performance and congratulates for their outstanding achievements! (Origin of photo material: Univention GmbH)
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