< COMSYS students Benedikt Wolters and Roman Matzutt awarded at the 2016 Univention thesis awards (Univention Absolventenpreis 2016).
27.03.2017 09:41 Age: 4 yrs

COMSYS wins Outstanding Paper Award at ACM SIGSAC CODASPY 2017

For their paper "Privacy Preserving HMM Forward Computation", Jan Henrik Ziegeldorf, Jan Metzke, Jan Rüth, Martin Henze and Klaus Wehrle were granted an Outstanding Paper Award at ACM SIGSAC CODASPY 2017 in Scottsdale, AZ, USA. Congratulations!

In their paper, the authors describe their technique to compute the HMM Forward algorithm in an encrypted domain such that the privacy of the holder of the HMM and the holder of the observation sequence is protected. This becomes necessary in multiple emerging (mobile) application scenarios of HMMs that involve sensitive data such as in bioinformatics, speech processing, or localization. COMSYS thanks the authors for the successful preparation and presentation of the paper. The full paper is available here.
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