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12.09.2023 18:07 Age: 281 days

COMSYS Chair Outing 2023

On Tuesday, August 29, COMSYS went for its annual chair outing.

After having breakfast at the chair together, we went to Cologne where we formed six groups to compete in our very own game show. In two and a half hours, our two hosts challenged our knowledge, mind and physical abilities in many short and fun games. While one team in particular suffered from (a singular) long delay, we all got to experience first hand how important low latency is for gaming; however, one cannot win without skill and a sizable portion of luck. After getting back to the chair, we concluded the day with another one of our legendary BBQs. Some of us were still up for some additional games, but this time on-screen... Thank you all again for participating and making COMSYS a great and fun team!

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