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29.06.2022 10:09 Age: 2 yrs

COMSYS Chair Outing 2022

On Tuesday, June 28, COMSYS went rafting on the river Rur for the annual chair outing. After having breakfast together in the morning, we drove to Hilfarth where we began our two-and-a-half-hour boat ride. Split across two 10-person rafts, we embarked on an exiting journey, crossing paths with wild ducks and many geese. We also had lots of fun passing two river bottom slides, but also some time to relax on the water in calmer passages. In perfect weather, we got to explore both decentralized and centralized coordination ourselves - with all their respective pros and cons. Although we concluded the journey with everybody on board, not everybody made it ashore in dry clothes ;) After getting back to the chair, we concluded the day with another one of our legendary BBQs. Thank you all again for participating and making COMSYS a great and fun team!

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