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03.11.2015 15:21 Age: 5 yrs

COMSYS wins the Best Paper Award at IEEE LCN 2015

For their paper: "Collaborative On-demand Wi-Fi Sharing" Hanno Wirtz, Torsten Zimmermann, Martin Serror, and Klaus Wehrle were granted the Best Paper Award at IEEE LCN 2015 in Clearwater Beach, FL, USA. Congratulations!

In their paper, the authors presented "COWS: Collaborative On-demand Wi-Fi Sharing", a framework to allow mobile users to authenticate and ultimately associate to private access points with the help of the cellular provider. Thereby, COWS mitigates the infrastructure and contractual requirements of existing roaming or Wi-Fi sharing approaches. The evaluation of their approach included in the paper shows the real-life applicability, enabling lightweight, collaborative Wi-Fi sharing between private users.   COMSYS thanks the authors for the successful preparation and presentation of the paper.
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