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11.03.2013 10:22 Age: 7 yrs

Successful Approval of the DFG Cooperative Research Center 1053 “MAKI”

The German Research Foundation (DFG) has lately approved the Cooperative Research Center (CRC) 1053 entitled “MAKI - Multi-Mechanism Adaptions for the Future Internet”

COMSYS is the principal investigator in two fundamental subprojects of MAKI. The CRC is coordinated by Technical University of Darmstadt and also incorporates researchers from the University of Mannheim and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The funding period of the CRC has started in January 2013. Within this first phase that lasts four years, the CRC 1053 is funded with about 8 Million Euros in total. Prof. Ralf Steinmetz, who heads the Multimedia Communication Department at TU Darmstadt, acts the coordinator of the CRC and its spokesman. Within the new CRC, computer scientists, engineers and researchers from the domain of social sciences jointly investigate how transitions between mechanisms can be improved in order to shape and to improve the performance of the Internet of tomorrow. The goal of these efforts to enable fundamental mechanisms, such as network protocols, to easily adapt to new conditions and requirements at run-time.  One example would be the run-time replacement of video streaming over 3G with a video dissemination scheme based on ad-hoc communication for the purpose of delivering streaming media to a large crowd of people, which would otherwise simply overload the cellular infrastructure COMSYS, the research group headed by Prof. Wehrle, contributes to MAKI by developing core technologies and architectures to enable such future transitions. In this context, we focus on online replacements of network protocols and new designs for transition-capable network systems.
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