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09.01.2012 17:11 Age: 9 yrs

ComSys at ITU-T's 'Kaleidoscope' conference in Cape Town, ZA

ComSys was well represented at the 4th ITU 'Kaleidoscope' conference that took place at Cape Town on 12 - 14 December. Klaus had been invited to present the, errh, invited paper of the 'Social, economic and policy aspects' track. Unfortunately, he couldn't attend thanks to the hearing of the proposal for the 'Mobile Multimedia' Graduate School that took place on 13 December. Tough luck ....... Instead, Hanno presented the paper entitled 'Cooperative Wi-Fi-Sharing: Encouraging Fair Play', co-authored by Hanno, René, Nicolai, Tobias, Mónica, and Klaus. Klaus was also a member of the Programme Committee, that was chaired by Kai. <bragging on> Here at ComSys even Technical Staff hold such positions <bragging off>. And for those who are interested - the next Kaleidoscope event will probably be held in Kyoto, Japan, during cherry blossom season.
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