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RFC 6253 "Host Identity Protocol Certificates" Published

The ComSys group completed their work on standardizing the use of certificates in HIP. The respective document was publised as RFC 6253 by the Internet Engineering Task Force.

Our Internet Draft "Host Identity Protocol Certificates " has been published as RFC 6253. The document is joint work the Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland. The document specifies how digital certificates can be used in the Host Identity Protocol (HIP), how these certificates are transmitted in HIP packets and how different certificates can be grouped. Authors: Tobias Heer (ComSys) and Samu Varjonen (Aalto) Abstract: The Certificate (CERT) parameter is a container for digital certificates. It is used for carrying these certificates in Host Identity Protocol (HIP) control packets. This document specifies the CERT parameter and the error signaling in case of a failed verification. Additionally, this document specifies the representations of Host Identity Tags in X.509 version 3 (v3) and Simple Public Key Infrastructure (SPKI) certificates. The concrete use of certificates, including how certificates are obtained, requested, and which actions are taken upon successful or failed verification, is specific to the scenario in which the certificates are used. Hence, the definition of these scenario- specific aspects is left to the documents that use the CERT parameter. This document updates RFC 5201. The document is available here: http://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc6253.txt
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