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03.06.2020 11:38 Age: 4 yrs

Sebastian Reuter and Mirko Stoffers awarded KuVS prize for best theses!

Sebastian Reuter and Mirko Stoffers were awarded the KuVS prize for the best theses in the area of Communication and Distributed Systems in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in 2019.

Sebastian was awarded for his Bachelor Thesis "Path Splitting for Tor – A Countermeasure against Fingerprinting Attacks". The thesis was advised by Jens Hiller and Jan Pennekamp. It analyzes various countermeasures that have been proposed by the research community to defy website fingerprinting attacks and designs a novel countermeasure to overcome the limitations of the existing ones.

Mirko was awarded for his PhD Thesis "Automated Optimization of Discrete Event Simulations without Knowing the Model". His thesis is concerned with the acceleration of the execution of simulations and simulation parameter studies, which shall be carried out by automated approaches without being tailored to specific models. To this end, two orthogonal optimization vectors (namely parallelization and memoization) can be exploited, able to yield a several hundred fold speedup in combination.

We congratulate Sebastian and Mirko to their awards!


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