< Salil Kanhere Stays with COMSYS as Visiting Professor
12.09.2022 17:36 Age: 2 yrs

Lernen. Forschen. Grillen.

Last Thursday, September 8th, we celebrated the 75th birthday of Otto Spaniol and the 10th aniversary of COMSYS (with a delay of 2 years due to COVID19).

Last week, the department celebrated that the computer science program at RWTH Aachen University turned 50 this year with various events.

We ourselves took up this opportunity to get in line and join with out own festivities: Already in 2020, Otto Spaniol turned 75 and COMSYS had its 10 year aniversary. For these occasions, we got together with old and new friends, students and companions. Starting around 17:00 on Thursday, September 8th, we hosted a casual, light-hearted and sociable party with barbecue, more tidbits, enough refreshing beverages and shared many good memories, old and new stories, experiences and adventures.

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