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04.11.2019 12:24 Age: 4 yrs

COMSYS participates in the RWTH Holiday Day Camp

COMSYS participates in the RWTH holiday day camp.

For the RWTH holiday day camp "Racing Reporters", six COMSYS researchers (Torsten, Daniel, Julian, Mirko, Ike and Felix) created and conducted a program all around the topic "The Internet" for the kids.

The kids, all between 6 and 11 years old, explored at different stations how the Internet is built and how a website is loaded, how to stay safe when browsing the Internet, and how to use a search engine for children to answer questions. In a game on "Physical Routing" the kids also playfully recreated how a packet is routed through a network. At the end our employees were interviewed by the children for their self-made newspaper, and answered more questions all around computers and the internet.

We had a lot of fun and thank our six employees, as well the holiday day camp for the great opportunity!

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