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26.04.2024 17:24 Age: 80 days

COMSYS' Contribution to Sustainability

How to (really) become a part of the solution.   One forward-looking investment is the recently installed photovoltaic system on the roof of the E3 building section of the Computer Science Department with an output of 75 kWp. The system is one of the most modern and largest within RWTH Aachen University. It is primarily used to generate electricity for the department’s own computers, servers and the entire IT infrastructure.

In addition to pure electricity generation, the Computer Science department has a particular research interest in the area of sustainability, especially in connection with this PV system, the economic planning and realisation of which was the responsibility of the department. This makes it possible to conduct direct research with the knowledge gained and also to use the data obtained in teaching.

The photovoltaic system thus serves not only as an energy source, but also as a research platform that contributes to the further development of sustainable technologies. This underlines the Department of Computer Science's commitment to environmental awareness.

With the installation and operation of the third solar plant at RWTH Aachen University, the Chairs of Computer Science 4 (Communication and Distributed Systems) and Informatics 8 (Computer Graphics, Geometry and Multimedia) aim to make a substantial contribution to the university's sustainability goals, in particular the goal of making RWTH climate-neutral by 2030. Following the commissioning of this PV system, which was largely financed by the two chairs, only around 1497 more systems of this capacity need to be installed at RWTH in order to become climate-neutral.

NOW, COMSYS can proudly claim to (really) be a part of the solution.

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