Lecture: Internet Architecture and Performance (NetPerf)





  • Overview on core Internet network architectures (e.g., Autonomous Systems, Inter-Domain Routing, Peering, Internet Exchange Points, ISP
  • Overview on future Internet network architectures (e.g., Software Defined Networking, Network Functions Virtualization)
  • Approaches for large-scale performance evaluations of internet applications and performance evaluation (e.g., Internet Big Data Analytics)


Th, April 20Course Overview
Foundations of the Internet
Tu, April 25DNS 
Th, April 27DNS
Internet Structure 01: ASes
Tu, May 02Canceled: Fachschaftsvollversammlung 
Th, May 04Internet Structure 02: Peering
Internet Structure 03: Internet Exchange Points
Tu, May 09BGP Routing Policies
Content Distribution Networks
Th, May 11Guest Lecture: Ingmar Poese (CTO Benocs):
Internet Traffic Engineering
Tu, May 16Exercise 1 
Th, May 18Lecture 
Tu, May 23Exercise 2: BGP / CDNs 
Th, May 25Public Holiday 
Tu, May 30Lecture 
Th, June 01Lecture 
Th, June 08Excursion to DE-CIX (Largest IXP)
Registration instructions
Th, June 13Exercise 3 
Th, June 15Public Holiday 



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