Mobile Internet Technology



Because we had to take over one more mandatory course in our Bachelor study program, we have not enough time for giving the MIT course as usual. On this reason the mode of this lecture is changed for SS 2014:

  • Only the first lecture hour will be given personally. For the rest of the lecture, we only will provide recordings of the lecture from previous year.
  • Exerises will be given personally, all two weeks. You will get announced in advance which lecture recordings you have to view to have the knowledge for the next exercise hour.
  • We will offer a office hour where you can come to ask questions to the lecture. It is planned to do it biweekly, alternating with the exercise hours.
  • There will be a presence exercise in the mid of the semester which you have to pass to get admission to the exam.

For more information, refer to the CAMPUS entry.

Results of first exam

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