TinyWifi: Enabling Linux Platform Support in TinyOS

Student: Bernhard Kirchen

Advisors: Hamad Alizai, Klaus Wehrle


We present TinyWi , a new platform for TinyOS { the de facto standard operating system for sensornets. Although TinyOS is originally designed for use in wireless embedded sensor nodes, TinyWi allows for compiling TinyOS applications for Linux driven devices like PCs and handhelds. Our TinyWi (pseudo-)platform integrates seamlessly into the existing TinyOS code base and enables TinyOS users to run their applications directly on Linux without the need to alter the original software. The primary objective of TinyWi is to be able to use communication protocols in IEEE 802.11 wireless mesh networks originally developed for inherently similar sensornets. By featuring direct execution of unaltered TinyOS applications, especially for the purpose of evaluation, TinyWi saves any re-implementation e ort of the
developer. Particularly, we will use TinyWi to compare protocols developed for sensornets with standard protocols used with wireless Linux driven devices.

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