Oral exams

If you would like to do your depth oral colloquium (Schwerpunktkolloquium) with Klaus Wehrle, please read the following information carefully.

Course Combinations

The depth oral colloquium should comprise at least three modules (12 - 18 credits). Two of them should be elective courses taught by COMSYS. The third module can be one more of these electives, or your seminar or lab topic (if you have done a seminar/lab with COMSYS).

In special cases, courses from other groups can also be accepted as part of the depth oral colloquium. Please contact Dirk Thißen to ask for feasability of course combinations.

Registering an Exam Date

Dates for oral exams are offered biweekly, every second Thursday. For reserving an exam slot, contact the COMSYS office (office(at)comsys.rwth-aachen.de) with mentioning your study program, the planned courses to be examined, and a preferred time interval in which you would like to do the depth oral colloquium. Please do so a few months in advance - availability of exam slots is not granted.

We will confirm the course combination subsequently and will offer you an exam slot. You have to confirm the exam slot latest four weeks ahead of your exam at the COMSYS office, otherwise your slot might be assigned to another student. In case a seminar or lab is part of your course combination, please hand in your seminar paper / lab report at this time.

If you plan to have an oral exam with two professors, please check first the availability of slots with the COMSYS office and then find a joint date with the other examiner. Then book the final date at the COMSYS office.

Registering the Exam with ZPA

After reserving an exam slot, register at ZPA (Central Exam Registry, Zentrales Prüfungsamt) for the depth oral colloquium! A registration with ZPA is mandatory before the exam date. Note that for the depth oral colloquium you have to register personally in ZPA.

Examination Sheet

Please download our examination sheet, fill it in, and bring it with you to the exam. Note that on the examination sheet you have to sign that you are registered with ZPA.

The Exam Itself

Now you are on your own. We hope you are well prepared. Good luck. ;-)

In case of questions...

... please contact Dirk Thißen.

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