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Cesare Antonio Fabio Riillo and Kai Jakobs
Too many or too few Standards Setters? Evidence from the Performance of Firms engaged in Standardization
The Journal of Technology Transfer,
September 2022
Philipp Brauner, Manuela Dalibor, Matthias Jarke, Ike Kunze, István Koren, Gerhard Lakemeyer, Martin Liebenberg, Judith Michael, Jan Pennekamp, Christoph Quix, Bernhard Rumpe, Wil van der Aalst, Klaus Wehrle, Andreas Wortmann, and Martina Ziefle
ACM Transactions on Internet of Things, 3(2)
May 2022
ISSN: 2691-1914
Cesare Antonio Fabio Riillo and Kai Jakobs
Luring European SMEs into ICT Standardization–Problems, Issues, and a Potential Way Forward
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, :1-12
Proceedings of the 26th EURAS Annual Standardisation Conference - Standardisation and Open Source
Volume 17 of EURAS Contributions to Standardisation Research
26th EURAS Annual Standardisation Conference
Glasgow, June 8-10 2022
Publisher: Mainz Publishers,
ISBN: 978-3-95886-446-7
Matthias Lorenz, Tobias Markus Pletzer, Malte Schuhmacher, Torsten Sowa, Michael Dahms, Simon Stock, Davood Babazadeh, Christian Becker, Johann Jaeger, Tobias Lorz, Markus Dahlmanns, Ina Berenice Fink, Klaus Wehrle, Andreas Ulbig, Philipp Linnartz, Antigona Selimaj, and Thomas Offergeld
Interconnected network protection systems - the basis for the reliable and safe operation of distribution grids with a high penetration of renewable energies and electric vehicle
Proceedings of the CIRED workshop on E-mobility and power distribution systems 2022, June 2-3, 2022, Porto, Portugal
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