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14th International Conference on Cryptology and Network Security (CANS 2015), Marrakesh, Morocco Volume 9476of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, page 197-213.
Publisher: Springer,
December 2015
ISBN: 978-3-319-26822-4
The 10th DPM International Workshop on Data Privacy Management, Vienna, Austria Volume 9481of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, page 226-234.
Publisher: Springer,
September 2015
ISBN: 978-3-319-29882-5
Sylvia Kowalewski, Martina Ziefle, Jan Henrik Ziegeldorf, and Klaus Wehrle
Like us on Facebook! - Analyzing user preferences regarding privacy settings in Germany
The 6th International Conference on Applied Humand Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE 2015), Las Vegas, NV, USA Volume 3, page 815--822.
Publisher: Elsevier,
July 2015
2015 International Workshop on Privacy Engineering (IWPE'15), part of 2015 IEEE Security and Privacy Workshops (SPW 2015), San Jose, CA, USA, page 198-205.
Publisher: IEEE,
May 2015
Jan Henrik Ziegeldorf, Fred Grossmann, Martin Henze, Nicolas Inden, and Klaus Wehrle
The Fifth ACM Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy (CODASPY 2015), San Antonio, TX, USA
Publisher: ACM,
March 2015
ISBN: 978-1-4503-3191-3
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