Exploiting Wireless Link Diversity

Instability of links and connectivity in low-power wireless sensor networks (WSNs) has so far been regarded as a difficult problem that existing routing algorithms try their utmost to avoid. Therefore, since the emergence of WSNs, research has mainly focused on link estimation and routing techniques which identify and utilize consistently high quality links for packet forwarding. Links of intermediate quality (PRR < 90%) are ignored to ensure routing stability and to attain high end-to-end reliability. Protocol studies have shown that these intermediate quality links are bursty, i.e., they frequently switch between stable and unstable periods of transmission for a limited number of consecutive packets.

In this project we are investigating the diverse behavior of low-power wireless links in the following directions: (1) Intermediate and bursty links can be used for packet forwarding during their stable periods without affecting the reliability and stability of existing routing protocols; (2) These links often achieve significantly better routing progress and routing throughput than the long-term links chosen by existing routing protocols.


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