VODSim: A modular BitTorrent simulation framework for ns-3

VODSim is a modular BitTorrent model for the ns-3 network simulator, shipping with a simple HTTP-based tracker, as well as a sophisticated BitTorrent client application. Both simulation and emulation studies are supported.

Further details can be found on our wns3@SIMUTOOLS 2012 Paper "Building a modular BitTorrent model for ns-3".

Check our dedicated project page for news, downloads and an issue tracker: https://laboratory.comsys.rwth-aachen.de/glebke/vodsim.

Note: As of 2016-03, the project is on hold. René Glebke continues to provide technical support, but additional functionality is not planned for the foreseeable future. Please contact René should you want to contribute to the project (GPL-compatible code only).


Current members

René Glebke (principal developer)


Elias Weingärtner (principal researcher)
Kiril Dichev
Alexander Hocks
Martin Lang (initial developer)
Hendrik vom Lehn

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