CRAWLER – A Flexible and Versatile Cross-Layer Coordination Architecture

Cross-layer optimization can improve performance and responsiveness in wireless and mobile environments where link conditions change frequently and rapidly in an unpredictable manner.
Many cross-layer solutions dedicated to a single scenario has been proposed.
However, support for changing scenarios and multiple cross-layer optimizations has not been addressed.
Furthermore, from an engineering point of view, shortcomings in previous work have contributed to limited use of cross-layering.

We propose CRAWLER, a flexible and versatile cross-layer coordination architecture. Key points are ...
1) support for multiple optimization
2) support for multiple scenarios
3) coordination of protocol and system components
4) adaptability of optimizations at runtime
5) application support, i.e.,
i) allow applications to access protocol and system information
ii) allow applications to provide own optimizations
6) a rule-based configuration language that abstracts and simplifies the proper cross-layer optimizations

Concept View:

On an abstract level CRAWLER consists of three components as shown in Figure above:

  1. The logical component (LC) allows designers to express their cross-layer signaling optimizations in a very abstract and intuitive way. For this purpose, we have created a rule-based language customized to cross-layer design purposes. As a result, a designer is able to program cross-layer signaling at a high level by specifying rules (even at runtime).
  2. The proper realization of the cross-layer signaling optimizations (given by the LC) is realized by the cross-layer processing component (CPC). Here, the rules are mapped to compositions of small functional units. These compositions can be flexibly changed.
  3. Stubs provide (read or write) access to protocol information or sub-system states.
  • Jens Otten
  • Kevin Möllering
  • Caj-Julian Schnelke
  • Christoph Habets
  • Nikolaus Koemm


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