Maintaining a secure configuration of current IoT networks such as “smart homes” or industrial networks overburdens even skilled integrators, administrators and end users. To avoid and mitigate existing security risks, CONSENT (Conformance-driven and Auto-configured Security for Home and Industrial Networks) aims at developing a new methodology that enables largely automated integration, configuration and operation of new IoT devices and, furthermore, checks the compliant behavior of the devices during operation. This new methodology leads to a robust, zone-based IT security architecture that is easy to extend and whose overall security remains at a high level even if individual devices get compromised. Moreover, this approach nicely complements existing security mechanisms and minimizes human error sources.



CONSENT is a project of the postgraduate research training group NERD (North Rhine-Westphalian Experts on Research in Digitalization), which is funding researchers in IT-security at universities and universities of applied sciences in North Rhine-Westphalia to promote research in the area of Human Centered Systems Security. More information can be found on



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For questions and inquiries regarding the CONSENT project, please contact:


 Martin Serror

 E-Mail: martin.serror[[at]]



CONSENT Publications

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Edmonton, Canada, October 4-7, 2021
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Martin Serror, Martin Henze, Sacha Hack, Marko Schuba, and Klaus Wehrle
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