COAT: Computational ecosystem for clinical applications of organ crosstalk

Increasingly more diseases are recognized as multi-organ diseases, and the interaction between organ systems plays a crucial role in the pathophysiology of various diseases. While traditional basic and clinical research focuses on single organs, there is increasing evidence that these conventional organ-centered models must be complemented with an integrated view of the interactions between different organs to understand the progression of multi-organ diseases.

To make existing and continuously accumulating clinical and research results from organ crosstalk research projects accessible for and reusable by others, our interdisciplinary team will employ a holistic approach to address current limitations that prevent the linking,
sharing, and processing of clinical and research data from different research centers. Within the proposed focus areas of this ERS prep fund project, small interdisciplinary workgroups of experts from both faculties will tackle this fundamental gap in modern data science for clinical research, and individual research questions to (1) generate preliminary results, publications, and third-party funding and (2) identify expertise gaps and recruit additional partners.


PFExC005. Funded by the Excellence Initiative of the German federal and state governments.

COAT Publications

Johannes Lohmöller, Jan Pennekamp, Roman Matzutt, Carolin Victoria Schneider, Eduard Vlad, Christian Trautwein, and Klaus Wehrle
Data & Knowledge Engineering, 151
May 2024
ISSN: 0169-023X
Zhuojun Wu, Johannes Lohmöller, Christiane Kuhl, Klaus Wehrle, and Joachim Jankowski
Use of Computation Ecosystems to Analyze the Kidney-Heart Crosstalk
Circulation research, 132(8):1084-1100
April 2023
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