Current Research Projects

We share our broader research vision and scientific publications that can be accessed on the respective project websites or directly through our yearly sorted list of publications.

Currently the COMSYS team is involved in the following research projects.

  • CONNECT: Innovative smart components, modules and appliances for a truly connected, efficient and secure smart grid (ECSEL Joint Undertaking)
  • FootPath: Infrastructure-less Indoor Navigation
  • Hodrian: Höchstrobuste, drahtlose Kommunikationskomponenten für industrielle Anwendungen (BMBF)
  • Horizon: Scalable parallel network simulation.
  • KoI: Koordinierte Industriekommunikation (BMBF)
  • MAKI: Multi-Mechanismen Adaption für das künftige Internet (DFG SFB 1053).
  • MemoSim: Avoiding of Redundant Computations in Simulation Parameter Studies by Memoization (DFG).
  • myneData (BMBF)
  • SYMBIOSYS: Symbolic analysis of temporal and functional behavior of networked systems (ERC CoG Grant)
  • TRINICS: Transparent Information on Individual Cloud Service Usage (BMBF)


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