Past Projects

 A list of projects that have been done at COMSYS in the past:


Before starting our new endeavors at COMSYS in 2010, our group (then called the Distributed Systems Group) has been involved in the following research projects since 2004.

  • ADAPT: Integration and adaptation of legacy applications, systems, and protocols with mobile ad-hoc networks.
  • AEON: Accurate Prediction of Power Consumption in Sensor Networks.
  • LHIP: Lightweight Host Identity Protocol.
  • MHT: Mobile Hash Table.
  • MMOG: Peer-to-Peer-based Infrastructure Support for Massively Multiplayer Online Games.
  • MORE: Dynamic Multipath Onion Router.
  • OCALA: Overlay Convergence Architecture for Legacy Applications.
  • SEMOBIS: Bridging the Heterogeneity of today's Internet.
  • TimeTOSSIM: Time accurate and scalable simulation of sensornet applications.
  • Dynamic TinyOS: Modular and transmparent incremental code updates for sensornets.
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