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03.12.2021 12:23 Age: 2 yrs

Two Theses Honored in November

In November, two former COMSYS students were distinguished in recognition for their Master's Theses.

Lennart Bader received the 2021 Young Researcher Advancement Award ("Förderpreis") awarded by the German Association for Data Protection and Data Security (GDD e.V.) for his Master's thesis "Privacy and Transparency in Digital Supply Chains". In his thesis, which was jointly advised by Jan Pennekamp, Roman Matzutt, and Philipp Niemietz (RWTH WZL), Lennart proposes an architecture for fine-grained and privacy-oriented information sharing between direct and indirect business partners along digitized supply chains. With this, he addresses the need for new mechanisms that account for the lack of long-term trust in short-term partnerships.

Johannes Lohmöller, former COMSYS student who recently came on board as Researcher, was honored as a finalist to CAST e.V.'s IT-Security Master's Thesis Award. His thesis, "An Internet-Wide Study on TLS Usage in Industrial Control Systems", was jointly advised by Markus Dahlmanns and Martin Henze (Fraunhofer FKIE). In his thesis, Johannes examined TLS adoption in internet-accessible industrial communication for ten well-known industrial protocols and found that with an adoption rate of 7%, the transition towards such secure communcation is still in an early stage.

We congratulate Lennart and Johannes for their achievements!

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