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DFG Priority Programme 1914 Plenary on October 19th

COMSYS welcomed over 30 researchers and PIs from all over Germany

On October 19th, COMSYS hosted the second plenary meeting of the <link http: www.spp1914.de _blank>DFG Priority Programme 1914 on Cyber-Physical Networking. 38 researchers and PIs (principal investigators) from all over Germany gathered to present the current progress of their respective projects and to discuss important activities within the upcoming second year of the programme.
The programme is co-coordinated by <link>Prof Wehrle (COMSYS) and <link https: www.itr.ei.tum.de en hirche _blank>Prof Sandra Hirche (TU Munich), who also cooperate in the <link http: www.spp1914.de projects reflexes _blank>REFLEXES project within the programme. The schedule of the meeting <link file:1838>can be downloaded here. Slides of the presentations are available to SPP 1914 members.
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