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17.05.2016 19:27 Age: 5 yrs

COMSYS wins Best Paper Award at ACM SIGSIM PADS 2016

For their paper: "Automated Memoization for Parameter Studies Implemented in Impure Languages" Mirko Stoffers, Daniel Schemmel, Oscar Soria Dustmann, and Klaus Wehrle were granted the Best Paper Award at ACM SIGSIM PADS 2016 in Banff, AB, Canada. Congratulations!

In their paper, the authors describe their technique to automated memoization, which can be used to speed up simulations and parameter studies consisting of a large amount of redundant computations. As opposed to previous approaches to automated memoization, this work can not only deal with pure functions, but can as well memoize impure computations using pointers in many common ways. This opens up new areas to apply automated memoization to avoid re-executing previously performed computations. COMSYS thanks the authors for the successful preparation and presentation of the paper. The full paper is available here.
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