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08.12.2010 00:00 Age: 10 yrs
By: bitsch

Introduction to FOSS Licensing

we would like to cordially invite you to an "Introduction to FOSS
Licensing" this Friday (2010-12-10) at 15h00 in the I4 seminar room
held by Diego Biurrun<diego(at)biurrun.de>.

Free and Open Source Software is becoming ever more important. Almost
everyone at university comes into contact with it on a daily basis.
However, there is often a lot of confusion over the term FOSS and
different FOSS licensing schemes. In this presentation, we will
introduce different FOSS licenses, discuss how to use them for your
code and how to use code under those licenses.

If you ever plan to work on a software project, you want to share with
others, be sure to be there to find out how to benefit from FOSS
licensing and avoid getting caught up in legal quagmires.

See you on Friday in the ComSys seminar room!
--Jó The slides are also available.
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