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Best PhD Thesis and best Master Thesis awards

The Special Interest Group ‘Communication and Distributed Systems’ (KuVS) of the German Informatics Society (GI) and the German Information Technology Society (ITG) has for many years awarded annual prizes for the best theses in the field. For 2013 two members of the Chair for Communication and Distributed Systems (Comsys) were honoured.

Raimondas Sasnauskas won an award for his PhD thesis entitled ‘Symbolic Execution of Distributed Systems’. He developed a new approach to the testing of software for distributed systems. Using this approach even very infrequent implementation bugs may be detected in a simple and effective way. Network software will thus become more reliable and secure. Prof Klaus Wehrle (Comsys) and Dr. Cristian Cadar (Imperial College London) supervised the thesis. Raimondas is now a Research Associate with the University of Utah’s School of Computing. A prize for the best Master Thesis was awarded to Hossein Shafagh. His thesis is entitled ‘Leveraging Public-Key-based Authentication for Internet of Things’. He analysed the Datagram TLS security protocol with respect to its applicability in resource-constraint networks. The main focus of his work was on the use of asymmetric encryption techniques during session establishment. The thesis was done in co-operation with the Swedish Institute of Computer Science and was supervised by Klaus Wehrle and René Hummen (Comsys). Hossein is now a PhD candidate with the Distributed Systems Group at ETH Zurich. Raimondas and Hossein continue a long-standing tradition of successful i4/Comsys participation in the KuVS competition. The prizes will be presented at the SIG’s next international NetSys conference, to be held in Cottbus in 2015.

Dr. Raimondas Sasnauskas

Hossein Shafagh

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