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16.09.2011 00:00 Age: 9 yrs

Guest Talk "Investigating the OpenPGP Web of Trust", Friday (2011-16-09)

Ralph Holz TUM

We're pleased to announce a guest talk by Ralph Holz (Technical University Munich TUM) on the OpenPGP Web of Trust.

When: Friday 16th of September,  at 16:00h
Where: i4 seminar room, building E1, room 4105, 1. floor

This talk presents results of a thorough analysis of the OpenPGP Web of Trust. We conducted our analysis on a recent data set with a focus on determining properties like usefulness and robustness. To this end, we analyzed graph topology, identified the strongly connected components and derived properties like verifiability of keys, signature chain lengths and redundant signature paths for nodes. Contrary to earlier works, our analysis revealed the Web of Trust to be only similar to a scale-free network, with different properties regarding the hub structure and its influence on overall connectivity. We also analyzed the community structure of the Web of Trust and mapped it to social relationships. Finally, we present statistics which cryptographic algorithms are in use and give recommendations.

Short Bio:
Ralph graduated from University of Tübingen in 2007 and joined Prof. Carle's group as a PhD student in 2008, first in Tübingen and now at Technische Universität München. His research interests lie in the field of network security, particularly authentication protocols and infrastructures. Since 2009, he's been involved in exploring the
(in)security of PKI structures.
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