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24.08.2011 17:06 Age: 9 yrs

Guest Talk "Towards Guaranteeing Communication Quality in Real World WSN Deployments" this Friday (2011-08-26)

Dr. Matteo Ceriotti (Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK), Trento)

We're pleased to announce a guest talk by http://www.sics.se/%7EfrosMatteo Ceriotti (Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK), Trento).
When: this Friday (2011-08-26) at 12:30h
Where: i4 seminar room, building E1, room 4105, 1. floor

Title: Towards Guaranteeing Communication Quality in Real World WSN Deployments

Abstract: Deploying WSNs working in real settings is a challenge. This talk describes two of our experiences, one for structural health monitoring in a medieval tower and the other for adaptive lighting in road tunnels. In these deployments, we demonstrated the feasibility and effectiveness of WSNs in operational settings. While the provided services were satisfactory to the end user, communication in our implementations still relies on CSMA random access mechanisms. These solutions are flexible and easy to implement, but unable to provide scalability and quality differentiation. This motivated further research, which formed the core of my PhD, on the definition and implementation of Reins-MAC, a flexible and anarchic TDMA communication scheduler. In contrast to common TDMA solutions, Reins-MAC makes each individual node form and reserve slots of variable size; the resulting medium access is tailored both to network conditions and to application needs that vary in time and space. Ultimately, Reins-MAC provides the foundation for higher level abstractions to rein in the protocol anarchy, opening new horizons where the application regains control of communication.
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